Land Rover Defender

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Land Rover Defender is THE MYTH of off-road vehicles.

Born in 1949, the vehicle is the result of the Brothers Wilks ideas, managers of the Rover cars company, of a ‘Rover’ who could wander on any ‘Land’.

The ‘Rover of the Land’ lived a long life as its production stopped only in 2015 !
It’s worldwide reputation was made by several ambassadors, including HM The Queen Elisabeth II, an accomplished driver –and mechanic- during World War II.
She still enjoys driving her on cars on the harsh paths of Balmoral, Scotland (a Royal estate of 20 000 acres) at the wheel of one of her Defenders. For the record, she will give a short driving lesson to King Abdallah, of Saudi Arabia, in spite of his amazement to see a woman driver and even more a Queen…

Off Road Wine Tour has chosen the Land Rover Defender a reliable, worldwide known car able to drive and pass on all sorts of grounds and difficulties. It’s the best means to wander around vineyards in the safest way.


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